Representative experience

Successfully defending the Defense Information Systems Agency’s award of a US$4.6bn contract to our client, a prominent defense contractor, to operate and service the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Global Information Grid.

Successfully moving for preliminary injunction at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims to enjoin corrective action instituted by Army as a result of 21 bid protests filed at GAO and preserved client’s contract award.

Successfully defending a bid protest filed at the U.S. Court of Federal Claims involving the Air Force’s award of a contract to our client to operate one of the largest defense and aerospace testing centers in the world.

Successfully defending a challenge of a multibillion dollar award to our client to manufacture and supply military helicopters.

Assisting a major U.S. defense with three GAO protests challenging a US$100m+ contract award to provide complex training and support services to the U.S. Army National Guard, securing the desired relief for the client.

Successfully protested Army’s award of contract for reconnaissance systems in Afghanistan; protest let to corrective action and award to client.

Successfully prosecuting GAO bid protests on behalf of a prominent intelligence-support contractor challenging task orders the U.S. Army awarded to the client’s competitor for services.

Successfully prosecuting a bid protest challenging the award of a US$300m+ contract to provide support services to the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

Successfully protesting the U.S. Special Operation Command’s award of a US$700m+ Special Operations Forces Information Technology Enterprise Contract to a client’s competitor. Our work resulted in a new award decision.

Successfully defeating an incumbent’s five bid protests filed against the Army in awarding our client, a prominent IT service provider, a US$142m contract to maintain the Army’s general fund enterprise business system.

Securing a motion to dismiss a bid protest filed at the GAO involving the Air Force’s award of a five-year contract for the supply of borescopes.

Successfully defending a bid protest awarded by the DoD for a US$400m medical equipment supply contract for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Successfully defending a bid protest filed against a client at the GAO regarding the Defense Health Agency’s award of a US$200m contract to provide global telemedicine services for military health beneficiaries.

Assisting a major government services company in proceedings before the Administrative Court for the challenge of an award of the tender procedure for supply and maintenance of IT services for Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.

Assisting a global satellite communications company in litigation against discriminatory tender procedures of the German defense procurement agency, BAAIN.