Area of focus

Securitization and Structured Finance

Your deals cross borders and the regulations change continuously. Securitization and structured finance transactions call for an integrated approach.

Our global team has handled deals with assets originating in more than 30 countries. We help issuers and originators of securitized assets, underwriters, managers, trustees, ...

Representative experience

Volkswagen Leasing GmbH on VCL 28, the first public STS securitization transaction in the European asset backed securities market.

The Department of Education on the second sale and securitization of a £3.8bn portfolio of income contingent student loans.

The arranger and the originator in respect of a £2.85bn securitisation of hire purchase agreements and personal contract plan auto loan agreements made to borrowers in England & Wales and Scotland.

HSBC Bank plc on a warehouse facility plc made by Regency Assets DAC (an Irish commercial paper issuing conduit sponsored by the bank) as senior lender to a start-up residential mortgage lender (Lendco).

Affinity Water (the largest water only utility in England) on the substitution of the issuer under its c.£1.1bn whole business securitisation structure that Affinity use to finance its regulated activities.

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