Events and webinars

2023 Winnik International T&T Forum

This year’s Forum will explore the development and implementation of Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) technology which has generated significant discussion and debate globally.

U.S./European Telecom regulatory trends impacting the automotive market – What to know now

Today’s vehicles provide more than just transportation – they contain complex digital components, rely on wireless spectrum, and can support communications between humans as...

Data Centers and ESG – how "green" can they be? Part 1

This webinar is a two part series on the intersection between data centers and ESG. While this might sound like an oxymoron, and indeed, many data centers need to work on their...

Winnik International Tech & Telecom Forum

The EU´s Digital Services Act package – What you need to know

We are delighted to invite you to our webinar on the Digital Services Act package, where our speakers will take you through the key aspects of the new proposed rules for companies offering...

IoT in the EU: Lessons from COVID-19, and next steps for liability and regulation

Connected products remain in focus during 2020. Now more than ever before, they bring new opportunities to our homes, work, travel, and health care.

Virtual CSSMA spectrum pre-coordination meetings

Together with the Commercial SmallSat Spectrum Management Association (CSSMA), Tony organized a virtual installment of pre-coordination meetings, affording CSSMA members the opportunity to...

CSSMA and SSPI Webinar

Tony Lin moderated a virtual panel co-hosted by the Commercial SmallSat Spectrum Management Association and Space and Satellite Professionals International. The panel discussed proposed...

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