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Juve 40 under 40 Juve

They have already made a name for themselves in the legal market – and they have not yet celebrated their 40th birthday. Personalities for whom companions predict a great career...


Cartel damages: Germany, the assignment model and debt collection services – an update

Germany doesn’t offer claimants a true U.S. or UK style class action regime. Claimants will therefore seek alternative ways to join forces and bundle their claims using the so-called...


The European Chips Act: Commission releases Europe's strategy on semiconductors

The European Commission intensified its focus on semiconductors by proposing the EU Chips Act on February 8, 2022. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen calls it a...

Published Works

The Regional Court of Stuttgart finds bundled cartel damages claims through a legal services provider to be inadmissible (German State of Baden-Württemberg) Concurrences

Background In Germany, the discussion about the admissibility of enforcing bundled and assigned cartel damages claims via a legal services provider enters the next round. As Germany does...

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Guide on Internal Investigations in Germany 2021

Our 8th edition of the Hogan Lovells Guide on Internal Investigations in Germany will help you manage your legal risks in the field of compliance and internal investigations. It takes you...

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The German Federal Court of Justice decides that the bundling of claims was admissible through a legal service provider causing the judgment to receive a lot of attention from the competition litigation community (Air Berlin) Concurrences

Germany up to this point does not offer claimants a true US- or UK-style class action regime – a situation that is felt especially in the context of seeking compensation for cartel...

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Daten als Haftungs- und Litigation-Risiko

Published Works

The Regional Court of Dortmund estimates a cartel overcharge of at least 15% in the rail sector without involving any court-appointed economic experts Concurrences

Determining the overcharge and, with that, the amount of cartel damages potentially suffered, is considered one of the most difficult aspects of cartel damages litigation in practice. The...

Hogan Lovells Publications

Coronavirus and civil procedure: Preservation of evidence in times of COVID-19 (under German law)

Companies are having to devote considerable attention to the coronavirus crisis at the present time. However, in view of the current turbulence affecting business, it is equally important...

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