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Pro Bono Reflections – 50+ Years of Public Service Podcast

"It is abundantly clear that no longer can persons or groups pursue their own career or interests unmindful of the needs in the rest of the community."- Founding Memorandum (Sept. 8,...

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Litigation Leaders: Hogan Lovells' Des Hogan on Depth, Diversity and the (Little League) World Series Litigation Daily

Partner and Litigation practice group manager for the Americas Des Hogan sat down for a Q&A with Litigation Daily.

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ZIP Code Class Actions Expand Into the District of Columbia InsideCounsel

One of the more active areas of privacy-related litigation concerns Zone Improvement Plan codes, or "ZIP codes," in use since 1963. Plaintiffs' lawyers have filed a spate of actions...

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New Third Circuit Decision Toughens Standard for Class Certification When Information About Individual Consumers Is Lacking Class Action Alert

A recent decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit has erected a substantial barrier to classes being certified in consumer products cases, especially cases...

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Supreme Court decision in American Express Co. v. Italian Colors Restaurant Class Action Alert

Today a divided Supreme Court held that courts must enforce class arbitration waivers even where a plaintiff shows that it is economically infeasible to arbitrate individually. The...

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Supreme Court Decision in Oxford Health Plans LLC v. Sutter U.S. Supreme Court and Appellate Alert

Today, the Supreme Court held that a court may not overturn an arbitrator’s construction of an agreement to permit class arbitration—even if it is erroneous. In Oxford Health Plans LLC v....

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Supreme Court issues significant class certification ruling in antitrust case Competition Newsletter

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Regulators and Plaintiffs' Lawyers Are Ready to Pounce on Privacy and Data Security Missteps: A Guide to Limiting Corporate Risk Bloomberg BNA

The past decade has witnessed a revolution in technology employing personal data to provide new ways for people to communicate, to receive services and to be connected. Ten years ago, the...

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Supreme Court issues significant class certification ruling in antitrust case Class Action Alert

Today in a 5-4 decision in the much anticipated Comcast v. Behrend case, the Supreme Court rejected a class of millions of Comcast subscribers seeking nearly a billion dollars in antitrust...

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