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At last, the new version of the French "Practical Guide to Environmental Claims" is available!
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On 25 May 2023, the French Directorate General in charge of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control published the new version of the "Practical Guide to Environmental...


DOE and Treasury issue further guidance on investment tax credits for advanced energy projects (48C)

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 extended the 48C tax credit program, initially enacted in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and provided an additional $10 billion in...


What does ESG mean for UK Real Estate?

With increasing importance being put on ESG by prospective investors, purchasers and occupiers we can help businesses and business leaders understand their obligations.


UK ESG: Local Nature Recovery Strategies- what are they and why are they important for landowners?

In this article we explore key points for landowners regarding the Local Nature Recovery Strategies established in the Environment Act 2021 and set to be rolled out soon. Local Nature...


ESG: Time to get smart with our UK buildings

We begin this three-part series on smart buildings with an overview of what they are and how they can help landlords meet increasingly demanding regulation.Technological advancement has...


English Court denies permission for ClientEarth climate claim against Shell directors

The English High Court has refused permission for ClientEarth to continue a derivative claim against the directors of Shell in relation to the company's climate change commitments and...


Mexico's Mining Reform comes into force

Relevant mining reforms entered into force on May 9, 2023, generating important impacts and new obligations for the sector. With its enactment, the deadline for a possible challenge to the...

Published Works

Green claims under scrutiny: greenwashing disputes in Germany on the rise Financier Worldwide

With the rise of consumer concern for the environment, companies are increasingly using eco-friendly branding as ‘climate-neutral’ or ‘sustainable’ to appeal to...


Mexico approves Mining Reform

The Mexican Congress approved the Mining Reform, with substantial impacts on mining concessions, use of national waters and waste management.

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