Hogan Lovells launches HL Encryption Assistant in client innovation push

Hogan Lovells launches HL Encryption Assistant in client innovation push

Press releases | 31 March 2023

Washington, D.C., 31 March 2023 — A team from global law firm Hogan Lovells has launched HL Encryption Assistant, which was developed by the Hogan Lovells International Trade and Investment practice to support and manage clients’ internal encryption classification processes.

The HL Encryption Assistant guides clients through the encryption classification analysis using a simple but powerful questionnaire, identifying reporting obligations, and reminding individuals when reports are due. It also helps organizations maintain and manage encryption classifications and supporting documents in one place.

The basic version of the tool, which enables organizations to easily identify their encryption classification under the Export Administration Regulations and provides guidance on reporting requirements, is free for client use. The firm will also offer a bespoke version that will aid in organizations’ individual maintenance and encryption classification needs and provide additional functionality.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this innovative legal technology to aid in clients’ critical encryption needs,” said Ajay Kuntamukkala, who co-leads the Hogan Lovells International Trade & Investment group. “We’re confident our bespoke version, which will offer clients the ability to download encryption data in multiple formats and to individually assign and allocate encryption assessments to certain members of an organization, will also be attractive to a number of clients across sectors.”

More about HL Encryption Assistant can be found here.