Pay equity in the spotlight: How employers should respond to pay transparency laws and trends

Employers are increasingly facing pressures to disclose employee compensation information. An increasing number of states and localities have passed “pay transparency” laws requiring, among other things, disclosure of pay ranges in job advertisements or upon request of an applicant. Government agencies, including the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, have increased their scrutiny of employer pay practices. Public companies have faced pressure from their constituents, including shareholder proposals, to disclose pay equity information in public filings. And employees themselves are demanding more information about what they and their colleagues are paid and why.

Many employers largely treated the issue of compensation as a confidential item not long ago. Now they face the challenge of not only determining how to comply with new laws and public expectations around compensation disclosure, but potentially facing legal and reputational risk based on the information disclosed.

In this webinar, members of the Hogan Lovells Employment and Corporate Governance practices will be joined by DCI Consulting to discuss the increasing pressures on employers to disclose compensation information, and what steps can be taken to prepare for and mitigate the risks that arise when this information becomes public.

Join us on Tuesday, 7 March as we shine a light on:

• Who is covered by new state and local pay transparency laws, how to comply with these laws, and what is coming next.

• OFCCP’s focus on compensation information during audits.

• How public companies can manage requests from shareholders and the public to disclose pay equity information.

• Proactively identifying and resolving problems with pay equity reviews.

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