Privacy and cybersecurity breakfast seminars on U.S. and life sciences developments in Amsterdam

The privacy and cybersecurity landscape will be undergoing significant changes in 2023. We are expecting substantial U.S. legislative and regulatory updates throughout the year, as well as developments in the life sciences industry.

As we kick off the new year, it is prime time to be thinking about your compliance plans as well as opportunities to shape potential laws and regulations. To help you navigate compliance challenges and identify opportunities to shape the compliance landscape, U.S. partners of the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Cybersecurity practice will be holding an in-person breakfast seminar at our Amsterdam office on Thursday 19 January 2023.

We will hold three sessions in parallel.

Session 1: How the U.S. Is Reframing the Privacy Compliance Landscape

U.S. partners Mark Brennan, Bret Cohen, and James Denvil will discuss the 2022 developments in U.S. privacy laws and what they expect for 2023 and beyond, such as:

• Individual State Data & Privacy Acts

• Potential federal privacy legislation

• State Age Appropriate Design Laws

• EU-U.S. data transfer frameworks

Session 2: U.S. Cyber Developments – What the rest of the Globe Needs to Know

Join U.S. partners Pete Marta, Paul Otto, and Allison Holt Ryan for a lively roundtable discussion of key developments and hot topics in cybersecurity. This session is designed to help you stay up to date in this rapidly evolving, increasingly high-risk area. The session will offer participants briefings on significant existing and emerging regulatory, compliance, litigation, and security risks affecting companies across all industries, such as the SEC’s proposed cybersecurity rule and CISA’s development of new cyber incident reporting obligations.

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Session 3: Privacy & Life Sciences breakfast seminar

In this session our colleagues from the U.S. and EU and discuss hot topics around Privacy & Life Sciences. Melissa K. Bianchi, Hein Van den Bos, Patrice Navarro, Fabien Roy and Marcy Wilder will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Privacy in Clinical Trials and Re-Use of Clinical Trial Data
  • Data Processing in Early Access Programs
  • Genetic Data Analysis
  • European Health Data Space
  • EU Privacy Developments in the Life Sciences area
  • U.S. Privacy Developments in the Life Sciences area

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