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New Medical Devices Regulation in Spain

On 23 March 2023 the new Spanish Medical Devices Regulation (Spanish MDR) came into force. After a lengthy wait, the medical devices industry (and any other interested sector) finally has...

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Carried interest schemes for asset managers
Registered Content

During the last decade, the shape and source of capital flows and investment have fundamentally shifted. Private capital continues to flow into all asset classes including real estate,...

Published Works

Bribery and corruption risks in the manufacturing sector Chief Executive

As the federal government spends more a la the Infrastructure Investment and Job Act, enforcement agencies will be scrutinizing how those funds are being used. Here's how to stay off their...


Significant new U.S., UK and EU measures mark anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

On 24 February 2023, the U.S. intensified its sanctions on Russia and released new trade control measures targeting key sectors, evasion efforts, and military supplies. Taken together, the...


Mobility and Transportation - Hot Topic One-Pager

As emerging technologies, geopolitical realities and macroeconomic issues evolve, our Mobility and Transportation lawyers are well positioned to help you pursue opportunities and manage new ...


EU Data Act Series (part 3): medical and health devices and data sharing obligations

The Data Act Proposal envisages the rights of users of medical devices / health wearables to have access to and to share the data originated from the use of the device with third parties....


Germany takes a tougher stance against bypassing Russia Sanctions via third countries

Coinciding with the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Germany has demonstrated a tougher stance in the enforcement of the EU sanctions. These actions serve as a stark...


European Residential Investment Webinar

If you are wondering which key issues are affecting European residential investment at the moment and how different jurisdictions are approaching them, watch the recording of our global...


EU Class Action Update - Progress in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain

By 25 December 2022, all EU Member States were expected to have adopted and published, the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with Directive (EU) 2020/1828...

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