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JPM2023 Trendspotting: takeaways from Biotech Showcase

Hogan Lovells partners Alice Valder Curran, Jodi Scott, and Andrew Strong convened with other industry leaders at this year’s Biotech Showcase Investor conference to discuss how...

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How To Protect Your Trade Secrets In A Hybrid Work Environment Chief Executive

Partners Jillian Beck and Cristina Rodriguez share key steps to safeguard your trade secrets as employees working remotely have access to more information electronically and the risk of...


JPM2023 Trendspotting: funding and early valuation

Caution remains a strong theme in the current market downturn. But caution should not lead to paralysis. Life sciences companies must confidently seek out and approach the opportunities...


JPM2023 will be an event like no other. How can you make the most of it?

The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPM), Biotech Showcase, and ancillary meetings are back, live and in-person, in January 2023, providing a unique opportunity to make...


World Stem Cell Summit offers guidance on positioning your regenerative medicine start-up for success

Speaking at the World Stem Cell Summit hosted by the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, Hogan Lovells partners Andrew Strong and Barry Burgdorf provided best practices for launching a...


World Stem Cell Summit panel cautions over stepped up HCT/P enforcement, reimbursement issues

Speaking at the World Stem Cell Summit hosted by the Regenerative Medicine Foundation last week, Hogan Lovells partners Mike Druckman, Stuart Langbein, and Thomas Beimers discussed evolving ...


FDA issues ambitious new draft guidance to promote clinical trial diversity

On April 14, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a new draft guidance to industry for increasing racial and ethnic diversity in clinical trials. The draft...


Fifth Circuit doubles down on right to reject filed-rate contracts, but with an exception

The Fifth Circuit recently issued an opinion, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Ultra Resources, Inc., in which it relied on and affirmed its prior 2004 decision — In re Mirant...

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