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Insights and Analysis

Optimists see opportunities; pessimists see risk. Your counsel should see both.

The India - Middle East - Europe Economic Corridor (IMEC) is expected to generate significant investment opportunities in sectors such as construction, rail, shipping, logistics, energy and ...


"Thanks... Good Talk" Shortcast

Ivan Zapien focuses his shortcast on the issues, people, and culture that help shape Washington, D.C.

Insights and Analysis

Weekends in Greece

It takes years for a country to build a reputation as an attractive investment destination. And perhaps only hours to ruin it. An ideal investment destination is said to enable investors to ...

Insights and Analysis

Practical tips on drafting arbitration clauses

Consent of the parties to arbitrate lies at the core of international arbitration – this consent predominantly takes the form of an arbitration clause agreed upon by the parties in a...

Insights and Analysis

Well kept but timed out? Recent Hong Kong court decisions show timing is everything in enforcement of bondholder rights

Two recent Hong Kong decisions by the Hong Kong court have brought mixed messages for holders of offshore Chinese bonds structured through keepwell arrangements. On the one hand, the...


Health and safety training: not just a tick box exercise

Every employer in South Africa has the legal obligation to provide and maintain a safe working environment, as far as is reasonably practicable, which is without risk to the health of...


ESG litigation: English Court not fazed by complex group litigation – key takeaways for multinational businesses

The Court of Appeal recently allowed a group action comprising more than 200,000 victims of an environmental disaster in Brazil to go ahead in the English High Court. The claim was...

Insights and Analysis

Salvaging and safeguarding privilege: lessons from the ENRC litigation

The ENRC litigation has brought privilege to the fore like few other cases in recent years. From the groundbreaking Court of Appeal decision in 2018, to disclosure battles in 2020 over...

Insights and Analysis

Read our summary update on the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) and how it may affect you.

Lifting the veil of Mystery – What can the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) do for you?

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