Hogan Lovells client SVEVIND reaches another milestone in the development and implementation of one of the world's largest hydrogen projects

Press releases | 27 October 2022

Led by Frankfurt partner Tobias Faber, an international team of global law firm Hogan Lovells continues to advise German-Swedish project developer SVEVIND Energy GmbH (SVEVIND) on the realization of one of the five largest hydrogen projects in the world. The project will generate green hydrogen from renewable energies and contribute significantly to the decarbonization of the industry.

In the presence of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the President of the European Council, the Kazakh SVEVIND company HYRASIA ONE LLP and the German parent company as well as the Kazakh government signed the investment agreement for this groundbreaking project in the capital Astana. The European project developer SVEVIND has thus reached another milestone in the ongoing project of one of the world's largest industrial plants for the generation of pure green hydrogen.

As part of HYRASIA ONE, wind energy and photovoltaic plants with a nominal capacity of about 40 gigawatts will be installed in the southwest Kazakh steppe. The renewable energy of about 120 terawatt hours per year to be generated by these plants will supply an industrial park of electrolysers on the coast of the Caspian Sea, which will have a total capacity of 20 GW and produce up to two million tons of green hydrogen annually. The amount corresponds to about one fifth of the expected EU import demand for green hydrogen in 2030.

Hogan Lovells continues to advise SVEVIND throughout this future-oriented project on all legal issues related to development, project planning, financing and implementation.

Next to lead partner Tobias Faber, associate Kristina Laewen also takes a leading role in this project.

See also press release from September 1, 2021: Hogan Lovells advises SVEVIND on the development and implementation of one of the world's largest green hydrogen projects

Hogan Lovells Team for SVEVIND

Dr Tobias Faber (Partner), Kristina Laewen, Camilla Fröhlich, Tina Schantz (all Associates), Jürgen Kess (Senior Associate), Pascal Wagenführ, Dr Joscha Müller (both Associates), (all Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects, Frankfurt); 

Dr Jörg Herwig (Partner), Jennifer Hofmann (Associate) (both Private Equity, Frankfurt);

Markus Franken (Counsel), Judith Altenburg (Associate) (both Real Estate, Frankfurt);

Dr Andreas Renck (Partner, Intellectual Property, Alicante);

Dr Stefan Schröder (Partner, Energy Regulatory, Dusseldorf);

Markus Burgstaller (Partner), Scott Macpherson (Senior Associate) (both International Arbitration, London); 

Andrew Gallagher (Partner, Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects, London);

Désireé Maier (Partner), Vera Wichers (Counsel) (both Investigations, Munich);

Dr Falk Schöning, Stefan Kirwitzke (Associate) (both Antitrust, Brussels);

Sohail Barkatali (Partner, Infrastructure, Energy, Resources and Projects, Dubai).