ESG: Activist and engaged shareholders

Please join us on Thursday, 29 June, for a discussion of shareholder activism in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) arena.

An increasing number of companies worldwide are experiencing “activist” or (depending on your point of view) “engaged” shareholders when it comes to ESG issues. These shareholders are seeking to influence companies’ ESG goals and strategies, and how companies choose to respond can have an enormous impact on how companies are perceived by investors, the media, and the public.

What are some of the common activities and developments that can be seen in the market, in the U.S., Asia, and Europe? Which shareholder rights or litigation tactics are regularly used to bring ESG issues to the table? And how can companies prepare?

Our webinar features a lineup of international ESG practitioners in corporate law and litigation who will dive into how ESG campaigns can develop and how companies can best prepare. Our panel will examine ESG shareholder activism and engagement across the globe.

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